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Village farm fresh milk works like a nutrient fill that reduces the health gap created by unwholesome lifestyle and adulterated consumption. A glass of Village Milk works like an elixir on your overall fitness. The natural sweetness of the milk helps you cut down on the sugar intake, adding to the health quotient. For the kids, Village milk is a bottle full of delicious nourishment. To get your daily dose of health and wellbeing, you can register with us by clicking here.

We are counted amongst the most renowned and trusted names in offering organic milk for entire families, especially children. Our milk is produced and processed at our own farms. For detailed understanding of our product and process, kindly find additional details below.

Our Process


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  • Our dairy's procurement system is farmer-centric.
  • Fresh milk is procured from farmers in different villages.
  • Village Level Collection Centers (VLCC) are set up to collect milk from them.
  • Computerised milk scanners are used to check the Fat and SNF levels of the milk.
  • After the quality check, the milk is transported to the Bulk Milk Coolers (BMCs).
  • Milk is cooled at 4°C in the BMCs. BMCs are facilitated to test the incoming milk for bacteriological qualities.


  • Milk undergoes further processing in the factory for standardisation of Fat levels and SNF levels.
  • We preserve the milk at 4°C chillness.


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Quality Testing

  • First level quality check of the milk is done at the VLCCs with the milk scanners.
  • Second level checking is done in the BMCs.
  • Finished products are tested for specified quality parameters as per our internal standardised sampling plan and test procedures.
  • Test results are recorded and further reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department.

Distribution & Marketing

  • After the production, the fresh and chilled dairy products are stored at 4°C and a cold chain is maintained in the distribution system.
  • Our dairy products are made available to the local and international markets.
  • A well-organised supply chain makes sure our products reach the end consumers with high standards of quality.


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